Plate Fundraiser 2019
18–31 March 2019

30 prominent artists and designers will  contribute to Milton Keynes Arts Centre’s 2019 Plate Fundraiser, including; David Batchelor, Jake and Dinos Chapman, Emma Cousin, Jeremy Deller, Eemyun Kang, Richard Slee, Heather and Ivan Morison and Sarah Woodfine. 

Aisha Christison
Aisha Christison

Alice Browne

Amy Stephens

Anna Liber Lewis

Dave Farnham

David Batchelor

Eemyun Kang

Emma Cousin

Hannah Brown

Hannah Hewetson

Helen Barff and Molly Greswell

Jake and Dinos Chapman

Jeremy Deller

Jesse Wine

Jonathan Lux

Kate Terry

Kemi Onabule

Kris Emmerson

Lauren Godfrey

Lindsey Mendick

Luke Burton

Markus Vater

Milly Peck

Paloma Proudfoot

Peter Jones

Peter Liversidge

Phil Root

Richard Slee

Sarah Woodfine

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