Great Linford Manor Park Art Trail

Supported by Arts Council England

Photograph by Cat Lane

A Milton Keynes Arts Centre & Juneau Projects Collaboration
September 2020 – March 2022

Artists Juneau Projects have been working with MKAC, our local communities and schools to create an art trail to encourage the exploration of Great Linford Manor Park. Alongside the art trail will be free schools resource taking form as an activity pack, enabling school groups to take part in self-led activities inspired by nature found in the park. 

Do You Want to be Involved?
From January ­­– February 2022, the project continues with the creation and design of an activity pack for distribution to all schools in Milton Keynes. We want to hear from any teachers in MK who would like to become involved in shaping these resources to best meet their needs.

Please get in touch at with any feedback you may have on the draft documents below.

Developing an Activity Pack for schools and families
To ensure the activity pack was designed with schools and teachers in mind, MKAC and Juneau Projects invited schools to a day workshop with Juneau Projects to collaborate on the design of activities. The outcome of these activities are outlined in the below attachments with an example of how these might look.

︎ Ecology Project Workshop Pack (Download)

︎ Habitat Activity (Download)


Please feedback your thoughts on the activities pack by 31 January 2022

We need your feedback and support for the final stages of the activity packs development.

Here are some questions to refer to when reviewing the pack to help shape your feedback.

  1. What year groups age(s) do you teach?
  2. Do the activities set out in this pack support your curriculum? If so, how? If No, are there any small changes we can make to be more relevant?
  3. Are the instructions clear and easy to follow for your class age group?
  4. How realistic would it be for you to facilitate these activities in Great Linford Manor Park?
  5. Are there any small changes we can implement to make you more likely to use the pack? E.g. Accessibility Adjustments
  6. How would you get to Great Linford Manor Park ? School bus, on foot, other
  7. How much time is currently allocated to learning outdoors per term? Is this something you would like to see more or less of?
  8. How can the activities in this pack support your teaching aims and learning objectives?
  9. Could you use the outcomes from these activities in the classroom? If yes, how?
  10. In your opinion, what is the most important learning outcome you would look for when taking part in an outdoor learning or arts-based activity and do the activities in this pack fulfil that aim?

About the Project

Look, Write and Listen
From June 2021 – September 2021 Juneau Projects installed temporary art works in Great Linford Manor Park to test ideas around public engagement in conjunction with signs and prompts in the park. MKAC invited two local schools; Great Linford Primary School and Giffard Park Primary School to take part in the testing of these prompts, gathering feedback from students and teachers to feed into the further development of an art trail and schools resource designed for exploring the park.

More information on these activities can be found here.

Community Workshops
From September 2020–September 2021 Juneau Projects facilitated a series of community focused workshops online and in-person in sculpture making, creating signs for outdoors, collage making and Ceramics. Each workshop was seen as an area of community consultation, offering insight into which activities people would like to see more of and how these could be interpreted to support the design of an art trail.

In the final workshop in September 2021,  local residents from Great Linford and the surrounding areas were invited to take part in a ceramic making workshop with Juneau Projects and the Arts Centre’s lead ceramicists Alondene Phillips and Andrew Macdermott. Each participant made a unique piece of ceramics inspired by previous workshop outcome, inspired by the nature and wildlife found in the park.

Find out more about the workshops here

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