Shared Artist Studio to let – North Pavilion
The first floor of our North Pavilion has studio space to let within the grounds of Milton Keynes Arts Centre. Find out more︎︎︎

Milton Keynes Arts Centre is situated in the heart of the 18th century Great Linford Manor Park. We present a programme of artists’ projects, events and educational activities inspired by our unique location. We provide access to specialist ceramic, silversmithing and wood shop resources, and the space to explore new ideas and directions in the development of craft, design and the visual arts.

In 1974 MKAC became an Arts Centre and registered charity, nurturing arts, culture and wellbeing in Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas. Past fundraisers have supported MKAC to provide opportunities for our communities to benefit from arts and culture. These communities have included local schools; young people with special education and behavioural needs; homeless charities; and individuals with diverse physical and learning needs.

Code of conduct
Milton Keynes Arts Centre uses creativity to change and enrich the lives of Milton Keynes communities. We are an inclusive charity that manages courses and projects for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Through our work we aim to provide:

  • a space that is inclusive of people from all backgrounds;

  • that does not tolerate any behaviour or actions that are disrespectful of others;

  • that makes space for others to join the conversation;

  • and stands up against intolerance;

  • to make MKAC a safe and strong community;

  • in which equality and respect is demanded for ourselves and others.

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