Urgent Environment
with artist India Harvey

To conclude her residency with MKAC, India Harvey has transformed the gallery space to become an active and playful testing ground for visitors to explore. The environment includes objects and materials intended for open-ended play or prompts for strange and abstract ways to work together or separately with friends and family.

Find out more details and opening times below.

This space will be open access, free, and inclusive, considering all the senses the design of the room.

Throughout there will be guest playworkers present on select days to encourage and support, as well as ways to reflect on, and document your experiences. 

The gallery is open for people to use the space on the following days from 10.30am – 3.30pm

9, 11–14 March 2020
16 & 20 March 2020

Join us!
Celebratory Event – Urgent Environment
14 March 2020, 12–3pm

India Harvey is a London based installation and interaction artist and researcher whose work explores the possibilities of having multiple, distinct and complex relationships with the varied fabric of our lived environments: exploring how these relationships express themselves and how we may be able to relate to others’ through shared exposure to unusual materiality. India’s practice has a particular focus on Neurodiversity, child cultures, inclusion and access, seeking to create spaces that enrich perceptual, cognitive and multisensory experiences of art by granting participants permission to interpret and understand on their own terms.

India’s previous work includes collaborations and commissions with the South London Gallery, Tate Modern, Camden Arts Centre, MK Gallery, Focal Point, and the Arnolfini, as well as working for many years as a Playworker in London’s Adventure Playgrounds. Most recently India has undertaken the Lumsden Residency at the Scottish Sculpture Workshop, is touring an immersive installation with dancer Fernanda Muñoz-Newsome and is collaborating with Lisa Marie Bengtsson on an under-5s play space at the Barbican Centre, London.
Lisa Marie Bengtsson is a Swedish artist, multi-disciplinary designer and pedagogue based between London and Gothenburg. Her primary focus is in the field of child culture and co-production with children. With a BA in product & furniture design and an MFA in child culture design from HDK in Gothenburg, Lisa has developed a practice that explores the relationship between her intuitively process-led work and participants’ interactions as a result. Her interest in design for children’s environments are translated in various ways throughout her work, this often has an outcome as spatial design, interactive exhibitions or workshops within cultural institution. Throughout her work, a strong emphasis on the potential for children’s self-expression can be found.

Previously Lisa has worked on building spaces dedicated to children in hotels, libraries and playgrounds. Her work has been featured in MOMA’s filial exhibition ‘The Century of the Child’, Hong Kong Design week, Gothenburg Film Festival, alongside exhibitions in Sweden and London Design Week. Currently Lisa works with ‘POP UP bygglek’, a mobile adventure playground that is run by Gothenburg city council with aim to reach out to the whole city and allow children to build and make with tools and material. She also teaches at Central Saint Martins in London and runs workshops in different cultural institutions as Röhsska Museum and Rydals Museum in Sweden where she collaborates with art pedagogues and primary school teachers.

Since spring 2018 Lisa has been working with India on a commission by Barbican Centre to develop a multisensory space for children under 5s and their parents and carers.


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