Printmaking with Lily Daniels

Printmaking Workshops – Spring Half Term 2021

Monday 15 February 2021

Live Online Zoom


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Materials delivered to your door
1 x A4 Safeprint Lino Block Polystyrene Sheet
3 x A4 Brown Kraft Paper
1 x Safe Ink Pad (colour varies per pack)

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Who is this class suitable for?
Suitable for ages 5–10 years

What will be covered in the class?
Valentine's Day is fine and dandy but the real celebration is for the day after, for our pals! Make a unique design using printing, collage and stencils for your BFF. You'll make reusable polystyrene printing stamps so you can make cards, wrapping paper, envelopes, origami- pretty much anything you think your bestie will like. We'll be chatting about what makes your mate the best and sharing a bit of platonic love.

This hour long session is designed to inspire, stimulate and educate children and young people in visual arts and heritage craft, supporting their creative development and experiences in:
  • participating in arts and heritage craft activities
  • learning about the artist tutors and their work
  • sharing their artwork and ideas with friends, families and each other

Additional materials and tools required
  • Scrap paper for drawing ideas and testing prints
  • Felt tip pen or pencil for drawing designs
  • Biro or blunt pointy tool for embossing designs 
  • Scissors

Lily Daniels

Working with a range of materials including illustration, ceramics and heritage crafts Lily  collaborates with researchers and artists across the UK. After studying Glass and Ceramics at University of Sunderland she began working in gallery engagement, continuing on to an MA in Inclusive Art Practice at University of Brighton. Continuing her work in participatory art Lily is a facilitator, programmer and curator working with partners across the North East to deliver collaborative projects as a Participation & Engagement Officer with Seventeen Nineteen.

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