Open Garden
Katie Ellen Fields

An inclusive, sensory garden and play-scape accessible to everyone.

Launching Saturday 1 June 2019
Free, everyone welcome

See below for more details.

Draft plan by Katie Ellen Fields, 2019

Artist and horticulturalist Katie Ellen Fields collaborates with Milton Keynes communities in Open Garden; an animated and engaging public artwork taking shape as a sensory garden and interactive play-scape within the grounds of Milton Keynes Arts Centre.

Situated within the space will be raised beds tall enough for wheelchair users to easily sit to prune and maintain the plants, with each bed displaying a carefully curated display of colour, smell and touch. Wind chimes will feature within a hanging garden lining the Northern corner, along with bird boxes in surrounding trees to create an orchestra of sounds.

Designed by and for communities with disabilities, Open Garden sets an example of how garden spaces can bring accessibility and inclusion to the forefront of play in Milton Keynes.

Open Garden is supported by public funding from Milton Keynes Community Foundation.


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