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Izzy Parker collaborates with Milton Keynes based school Stephenson Academy to run a six week project exploring the themes of time and identity. Izzy Parker asked students to explore their own identities by teaching them how to design and make their own signet rings and has explored her own by creating a new installation piece that visually represents time passed.

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This project culminates with an immersive exhibition featuring signet rings made by the students, Parker’s new hanging installation comprising huge mass of hung paper cones and a short documentary of the project created by filmmaker Naveed Nasir.

Parker’s own exploration of identity has heightened since the recent passing of her father in December 2015. Interested by how signet rings were destroyed after the wearer died, somewhat eradicating the identity of the individual, Parker investigates how we often try to hold on to the identity of a person after their death. She considers our perception of memories and how they can change over the course of time.

Stephenson Academy, based in the north of Milton Keynes, was the first sponsored Special School Academy in the country, opening its doors on 1 April 2012. They support students, both male and female, with Statements of Special Education Needs for Social, Emotional and Mental Health.



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