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Join us for free Professional Development workshops this Summer as part of Groundwork with Tracing the Pathway and artists Leo Burtin, Cathy Wade, Thomas Cuthbertson, Aaron James and Laura Sweeney.

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Cathy Wade (2018), Pointing at Things [digital images].

How Do I Tell My Mum?

with Cathy Wade
25 August, 11am–3pm

Free artist-led professional development workshop.
All welcome

How does one begin to explain who they are and what they do as an artist?

In what ways can we represent our practice, and how can we acknowledge and adapt the ways we present ourselves to friends, family, colleagues, institutions and industries that we may encounter through our work?

Join Cathy Wade at Milton Keynes Arts Centre as she offers a series of professional and practical tools for communication. This session will experiment with mapping the creative, professional and family networks we operate within, in order to better understand the different mediums through which artists may chose to disseminate aspects of practice. As the session progresses you'll experiment with ways of expressing oneself both informally to friends and family, or more formally at networking sessions, via artist statements and CVs, or on an artistic website and through social media.

Whilst the session is for artists and creatives it is encouraged that for the last hour of the workshop attendees are encouraged to invite friends and family members to join them. Cathy will guide participants through a series of activities which will enable them to put into practice the different methods of articulating who they are and what they do, which will be explored through this session.


Sculpt and Run
with Thomas Cuthbertson
22 August, 28 August and 4 September, 6.30–8.30pm

Free artist-led professional development workshop.
All welcome


My name is Thomas Cuthbertson, I am a visual artist and endurance runner living and working in Milton Keynes. I am also artist-in-residence for Groundwork, a performance and research project about Milton Keynes by Tracing the Pathway. For my residency, I have chosen to focus on two key areas of personal interest: art making and running.

I would like to extend an invitation to you to join me in making a wearable sculpture and running across Central Milton Keynes.

The proposed route will begin at the Light Pyramid in Campbell Park at 1.30pm and finish at Fred Roche Gardens, following the trail of public sculptures along Midsummer Boulevard, with a distance of around 3km. The run will take place on Sunday 16th September, as part of the Groundwork Weekender (14–16 September). It is free to enter and you can run as an individual runner or as a group.

To enter the run, you simply make a wearable sculpture and turn up to the starting line. I am hosting three free workshops for sculpture-making at Milton Keynes Arts Centre, Great Linford, MK14 5DZ on:

It would be ideal to attend at least 2 workshops for 4 hours contact time. A proposed structure of the workshops looks like this:

Hour 1: Drawing
Hour 2: Making
Hour 3: Testing
Hour 4: Finalising

All materials will be provided for making your wearable sculpture, as well as pizza and beer throughout the evening workshops.

I look forward to meeting you.

Thomas Cuthbertson


Found Sound
with Aaron James
15 August, 6.30–8.30pm

Free artist-led professional development workshop.
All welcome

Aaron James will lead an evening of discussion and exploration into the history of Musique Concrète and Found Sound. He will consider how these movements helped give rise to contemporary electronic music and its convergence with sonic art. He will then demonstrate how these have informed techniques used in his own work which is featured as part of the Groundwork weekender.

This evening salon is ideal for artists, musicians and creatives with an interest in sonic art and techniques for working with found sound, but is also aimed at anyone with an interest in art and contemporary electronic music.

Time to Make Dough
with Leo Burtin
23 August, 7–9pm

Free artist-led professional development workshop.
All welcome

Time To Make Dough, is a bespoke workshop for Groundwork which will consider value, time and creativity. Navigating philosophical concepts, theoretical frameworks and offering down to Earth tips on how to make it work as an artist, we really think this workshop will be worth your time. How much is that, by the way?

This workshop is offered by artist, producer, writer and researcher Leo Burtin. From working for large corporations to navigating the waters of public funding, Leo has spent much of his career thinking about value, and how to make the books of creative practice balance, both for himself and others. In a performance created with Ali Matthews: the Best of Both Worlds: A Busker's Opera, Leo even wrote himself out of a job by paying audience members to play his part.


Fundraising 101 For Artists
with Laura Sweeney
28 July, 11am–2pm

Free artist-led professional development workshop.
All welcome

Groundwork producer Laura Sweeney will offer insight into funding streams available to artists, specifically introducing Arts Council England's new funding streams: National Lottery Arts Council Project Grants and Developing Your Creative Practice, providing advice on how to apply to these grants and what funders are looking for when reviewing applications. From her perspective as a producer, Laura will also share information on how to financially support and resource a project, looking at alternative forms of support via social media and crowdfunding.


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