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1 July – 29 September 2018
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Hunt & Darton (2018) The Coach Trip [performance tour] presented at The Groundwork Weekender (2018) curated by Tracing the Pathway. Photograph Rosie Powell

Groundwork provokes the viewer to take a journey through Milton Keynes, to examine it from multiple perspectives and develop a critical dialogue about the complexities of site, culture, history and heritage.

The idea of what and where home is, is a key inspiration for arts and research collective Tracing the Pathway, currently comprising of artists Ashleigh Bowmott, Cara Davies, Mads Floor Andersen and Thomas Eke. Since 2015 the collective has taken time to return to each member’s hometown to produce a series of new site-specific and responsive artworks, interventions, events and festivals across the UK, Europe, the Middle East and USA.

Cara, Ashleigh and Thomas grew up in Milton Keynes and are vitally passionate about championing cohesive creative communities in the city, developing a cross-art platform for and about Milton Keynes, which examines the initiatives and interventions one might need to put in place in order to lay the Groundwork for a thriving cultural infrastructure.

Groundwork is multifaceted. It is grassroots, organic and responsive, and since it began, it has operated as an umbrella project for a variety of activities: curating unique artworks; supporting the professional development of local artists; and providing a platform for both local and internationally renowned artists to make deep, long-lasting and meaningful connections with Milton Keynes and its residents.

Milton Keynes Arts Centre has commissioned Groundwork with Tracing the Pathway as the second instalment of Common Ground 2018–19; twelve-month season of distinct projects, each presenting high quality and meaningful opportunities for engagement between a diverse spectrum of artists and communities living in Milton Keynes. Supporting the collective and resident artists in the curation of workshops, film screenings, talks, professional development sessions, performances, walks, residencies and mentoring sessions, which has led to the presentation of this exhibition in the Arts Centre’s gallery.

Throughout July–September, Groundwork has been a platform for Tracing the Pathway to support the development of eleven unique artists’ projects; Aaron James, Anna Berry, Beatrice Jarvis, Hayley Newman, Hunt and Darton, Katie Ellen Fields, Laura Cooper, Phil Smith, Priya Chohan-Padia, Sapphire Goss and Thomas Cuthbertson, each widening engagement with local communities and encouraging debate about Milton Keynes; its heritage, landscape, mobility, architecture, people, sites and sounds of the city.

The final iteration of these artists’ works has been curated by Tracing the Pathway as part of their three-day festival, Groundwork Weekender, taking place across the city on Friday 14, Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 September. The Groundwork exhibition shares insights of the socially-engaged and site-responsive nature of the Groundwork Weekender, displaying documentation and remnants of the artists’ artworks and pinpointing where one might locate and encounter them across our city.

Passionate about supporting communities that coalesce around the arts, Tracing the Pathway has curated this exhibition to highlight the diverse range of significant cultural and heritage hotspots in Milton Keynes, and the burgeoning networks of creativity flourishing through their project partner’s initiatives.


Tracing the Pathway have received further support for the exhibition from Milton Keynes Community Foundation and Sharing Culture: MK, a collaborative events programme in celebration of our cultural heritage, new town stories and European connections. The exhibition design has been supported by Studio Chehade.

Groundwork is developed by artist collective Tracing the Pathway and is generously supported with public funding from Arts Council England, Milton Keynes Community Foundation, Pedalling Culture, Milton Keynes Arts Centre and Sharing Culture: MK. Advice on the project’s resourcing has kindly been provided by Arts and Heritage Alliance Milton Keynes.
Groundwork 2018 has continued to work in partnership with Studio Chehade on all design aspects of the project and is working in collaboration with the following partners to provide space for the development and presentation of all Groundwork Weekender projects: MK Gallery, Milton Keynes City Discovery Centre, Westbury Arts Centre, The Parks Trust, The Old Bus Station (Winter Night Shelter), Gulliver’s Land, The Fred Roche Foundation, MK College and Bill’s Minibus and Coach Hire Ltd.
Tracing the Pathway have worked with the following local independent food providers to offer refreshments across the three months and at the Groundwork Weekender: A Vegetative State, Carlo’s Coffee and MK Biergarten.

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