Great Linford Ecology Project by Juneau Projects

September 2020 – September 2021

Juneau Projects was formed in 2001 by Philip Duckworth and Ben Sadler. These artists work across a broad range of media including painting, sculpture, performance, music and installation. Much of their work is made in collaboration with other people and focuses on the relationship between society, culture and the natural world. They are interested in how nature is perceived through the lens of technology, folk art and other forms of cultural mediation.

Recent projects have focussed on working collaboratively with groups of people to create publications, animations and permanent artworks. These projects are designed to allow large numbers of people to contribute to the production of one piece: from painting an individual animation frame to creating a book illustration or helping to design a piece of public sculpture.  
Since September 2020, Juneau Projects have been working with local school and community groups, as well as leading open online and physical workshops to ask people what they would like to see and do in Great Linford Manor Park. This consultation included the installation of temporary signs in trees in 2021, with feedback collected online and in person. From what the artists learnt, a series of ceramic and laser-cut artworks were created in collaboration with residents in Great Linford and with the support of MKAC artists, Alondene Phillips and Andrew Macdermott.

Great Linford
Art Trail

April – September 2022

Photograph by Chris Henley

The final handmade artworks – all inspired by nature – have now been installed in the trees of Great Linford Manor Park. We welcomed families to a launch event for the art trail on Saturday 12 March at which Juneau Projects led a badge-making workshop and everybody was given an activity pack including a selection of art materials through which to explore the park.

The artworks will remain on show until the end of September. Printed family activity sheets can be collected from the Arts Centre during our opening hours; alternatively download a set here and print at home︎︎︎

Don’t worry if you haven’t any art materials – you can borrow paints, brushes and clipboards from us! Please just make sure you return them for other people to use. When you do, we will give you a limited-edition artist-designed badge.

We also offer class activities for any school groups visiting the Park. Find out more here.

The Creation of the Great Linford Art Trail

See how the project came about by exploring below.

Temporary signs and interventions were installed across Great Linford Manor Park alongside activities for schools and the public to take part. 

The Birdscapes below were curated by Juneau Projects in collaboration with young people from Giffard Park Primary School and Great Linford Primary.

Download your own activity booklet for Great Linford Manor Park created by Juneau Projects.

Download ︎︎︎


Since September 2020 Junueau Projects have undertaken a huge amount of research hosting numerous public workshops and events, both online and in person to help inform the final Art Trail.

Building a Sculpture

Model/maquette with laser-cut wooden figures with found natural objects and plasticine.

Saturday 30 January 2021
Free Online workshop via Zoom
12.30–2pm and 2.30–4.00pm
All ages, suitable for any level of experience

Join Juneau to help build elements for a public sculpture, contributing to a larger art work.

Together with Ben and Phil you will build a maquette at home exploring ideas of resources and useful intervention in the park as well as more traditional ideas of a sculpture. The creation you made will be a model for a sculpture you would like to see in Great Linford Manor Park. Ben and Phil will supply the materials, by sending them in the post for free.
Photograph by Juneau Projects

Collage Making

Sunday 11 July 2021
10am–12pm & 1pm–3pm
Free, booking essential

Work with Ben and Phil from Juneau Projects to help design artworks that will form a creative activity trail for Great Linford Manor Park.

You'll be getting hands on making
designs by drawing, paper cutting and collaging natural materials to make posters celebrating our green spaces and the unique features of Great Linford Manor Park. These designs will then be used by Ben and Phil to create small wooden laser-cut pieces for the trail, to be installed in the park later in the year.
Image by Juneau Projects

Art Trail Launch and Badgemaking

Saturday 12 March 2022
10am – 3pm

Join artists Juneau Projects for a free drop-in badge making workshop at Milton Keynes Arts Centre to launch the new Great Linford Manor Park Art Trail.

Juneau Projects have been working with school and community groups in Great Linford since September 2020 – developing objects and activities encouraging people to explore Great Linford Manor Park through art and play.

On Saturday 12 March, this project culminates with a special launch event to which everyone is invited. Free activity packs, including an exciting selection of art materials, will be available to collect from the Arts Centre.

Families are encouraged to use these packs to hunt for artworks made by the people of Great Linford, which have been installed in trees around the parkland. Guided by Juneau Projects, you will have the opportunity to make your own Great Linford Manor Park-inspired badge from wood; and a selection of hot and cold drinks will be on offer throughout the day.Photograph by Chris Henley

Photographs by Cat Lane

Making Clay Pieces for the Park

Images by Juneau Projects

We are inviting 6 residents from Great Linford and the surrounding areas to take part in a workshop with Juneau Projects. The day will start with a 30min walk exploring Great Linford Manor Park, followed by a hands on ceramic making and decorating workshop with the Arts Centre’s lead ceramicists Alondene Phillips and Andrew Macdermott. 

The pieces made will be inspired by the nature and wildlife found in the park and transformed into clay pieces, which will be decorated in coloured slips before being fired to ensure their durability.

Once glazed and ready to withstand the elements, the ceramic shapes will be housed within special laser cut wooden boxes with an open front and perched in the trees of Great Linford Manor Park*, forming a fun art trail with activities for everyone to take part in.

*The pieces will be displayed in the park on a temporary basis.

Jam Jar Micro Sculptures

A participant decorating their
Photograph by Cat Lane

Sunday 20 September 2020
11.30am–3.30pm (1 hour slots)
Free, everyone welcome
Booking essential, suitable for all ages.

During this workshop you will make a micro sculpture park in jam jars using materials selected by Juneau Projects. You will add small plants and mosses to make a landscape and use laser cut parts, glue and paints to make a micro sculpture to go in it.The plants will be selected to grow easily from cuttings so that the jar can be kept and grown at home, or the plants can be put into a garden.The activity will allow for conversations, research and collaboration for developing ideas for their project with people from Milton Keynes.

This workshop will introduce the idea of exchange between the park and home that is central to the Great Linford Ecology project – the premise of making things for the park as well as taking part in activities at the park and taking home the results. The activity will also allow the conversations mentioned above and will be useful research for developing our ideas for the project. Juneau Project would photograph each of the pieces made as a record and to include in the research.

DIY Signmaking

Hand painted wooden sign stating 'Copy a Bird Song'.
Photograph by Juneau Projects

Saturday 7 November 2020
12.30pm –1.30pm and  2.30 – 4.00pm
All ages, Suitable for any level of experience.

You will be encouraged to work with a range of materials to make temporary signs for and about the park that we can photograph in situ in the park. You can also paint and decorate a lasercut sign made by Juneau that you can take home with you.

Download and follow this step-by-step guide DIY Signmaking with Juneau Projects.

Make your own Plant Terrarium

Illustration of a plant terrarium by Juneau Projects

Saturday 5 December 2020
Free Online workshop
12.30–2pm and 2.30–4.00pm
16+, suitable for any level of experience.
Booking per person

Join artists Juneau Projects to design a plant terrarium inspired by Great Linford Park. You will be able to create your own designs that are etched onto the wooden part of the terrarium and cut into the perspex cover. The easy-to-assemble laser cut parts will be sent to you after the workshop along with instructions. Once you've put together your terrarium it will be suitable for keeping a small houseplant such as a cactus or succulent.
Image by Juneau Projects

Photography Greg Milner

Juneau Projects was formed in 2001 by Philip Duckworth and Ben Sadler. They work across a broad range of media including painting, sculpture, performance, music and installation. Much of their work is made in collaboration with other people and focuses on the relationship between society, culture and the natural world. They are interested in how nature is perceived through the lens of technology, folk art and other forms of cultural mediation.

Great Linford Ecology Project has been supported with funding from Arts Council England

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