In With The Old

Kitty Finer

Grandmother’s Footsteps Fashion Show Life Drawing workshop
with Kitty Finer and Jane Howard
Wednesday 24 July 2019 

Suitable for ages 18+

Having been influenced by her mother Marcia Farquhar’s autobiographical fashion show Acts Of Clothing, artist’s Kitty Finer and Jane Howard will model their grandmother’s clothes while the
audience are invited to draw from them as they serve drinks, pose and tell stories about each item of clothing.

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Jane Howard and Kitty Finer wearing their grandmother’s clothes, sitting on a bench in the park they both used to go to.

Jane will serve Limoncello while Kitty offers sherry, their grandmother’s favourite drinks. Kitty combines her visual and performative art practice to make ‘happenings’ happen, exploring ways to entertain diverse audiences from early years to OAPs, both within and out of the familiar gallery settings.

Inspired by her parent’s punk spirit and grandmother’s post war make do and mend mentality, Kitty’s approach to making embraces the spirit of DIY. Being resourceful and making something out of nothing is inherited from her grandmother Jean, who at the age of 93 has become Kitty’s influencer.

Her clothes were passed down to Kitty in recent years, which Kitty admired throughout her childhood and today as a young woman. She wears these clothes when visiting her grandmother, the outfits trigger memories for them both and prompts stories to be shared.


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