In With The Old

Kitty Finer

Filmmaking for Families 
with Penny Klein
Saturday 20 July 2019 

This will be a DIY film making workshop using phones, each other and the environment. Penny Klein will present some of her own videos and lead a workshop that gives families a chance to direct their own short films.

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This is a chance to rethink and celebrate our free time spent outside, using the phone camera as a tool to experiment and liberate ourselves, rather than as a way of documenting our lives in an aspirational way.

Penny will encourage participants to think creatively and instinctively, and in minimum time frame produce maximum material. This will be about making something personal and unpredictable, rather than reproducing another polite and posed picture for the photo album.

We will think about:
  • Instagram and other online platforms as places of creativity and experimentation
  • The motivation behind producing and sharing self-expressive work
  • Who takes charge of the camera
  • Giving young people the chance to call the shots and be director rather than being directed by adults
  • Playfulness and using the camera to explore an impulse
  • Subtlety, performativity and mystery

We will see what happens when you:
  • Entertain yourself, not your imagined audience
  • Make what you want to see
  • Don’t strive for perfection
  • Trust your instincts
  • Explore your own joy
  • Leave the camera rolling longer than comfortable


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