Caricature Workshop
Thursday 18 April 2019
Free, suitable for ages 15+
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Drawing and .gif Making is a fun and playful way to experiment with character building. Join artist Emma Cousin to learn about the Powdered Toast Man, High Sign and Run Wrake; spend time reflecting on classic cartoons; figure out how to develop unique characters; and begin to create your own visual language.

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This workshop provides the initial steps one can take to bring drawing to life. You’ll have the opportunity to build a set of characters, before creating storyboards on who these characters are and what they are doing. You’ll explore ways to convey expression and emotion and how that naturally animates or develops a character.

Exercises will also look at how drawing can be used to explore meaning-making, what impact repetition has on a form, and which techniques can be honed to better represent what’s in your head.

You’ll quickly build a set of drawings that you can translate into an animated .gif.


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