Dragnets Spell
Tom Dale

Craft des Refusés
Evening Sharing Event with Tom Dale
15 December 2016

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Tom Dale revisits the Salon des Refusés, an exhibition of work that was rejected from the famous Paris Salon of 1863 and considers the skill and calculation involved in knowing when to say ‘No’. Drawing upon his experience with Bradwell Abbey Lacemakers, who pursue their craft in-part because of the way it focuses them, to the exclusion of everything else, Dale will present an evening of images, excerpts and ideas based on the art and craft of refusal. For Manet, Pissarro and Whistler the ‘No’ to their participation, precipitated not the end of their ideas but the beginning of a lasting influence. Refusal, discussed during the course of the evening, is just as likely to be the end of those issuing it, as those receiving it.

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