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Milton Keynes Arts Centre’s core charitable aim is to provide marginalised and vulnerable communities unique opportunities to engage with and actively participate in arts and culture in Milton Keynes.

Every donation, whatever size, makes a difference.

From the cost of an artist leading a workshop for marginalised communities to the cost of art materials – your generous gift will enable us to continue our valuable work, providing creative learning opportunities for those with little to no access to the arts.

Thank you in advance for your generosity.

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Residents of a care home in Great Linford taking part in an artist workshop. Sitting at a tables with paper and colour pencils and pens drawing patterns.
Photgraph by Kitty Finer

A group of young people sitting and on their knees gardening at Milton Keynes Arts Centre with artist Katie Ellen Fields as part of Open Fields. The picture is surrounded by the green of the trees and bright orange wooden benches on the right and a wooden pavilion on the left. Photgraph by Cat Lane

What your gift could provide
£20 could provide arts materials to facilitate workshops for vulnerable people.

£50 could engage at risk local families in a 2 hour art and wellbeing workshop.

£100 would pay for a half day workshop for groups we support at risk of isolation.

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