Do Good Because of Tomorrow
Yinka Ilori

9–30 July 2018
Free, everyone welcome

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Photography by Andy Stagg

An exhibition of new work by London based artist and designer Yinka Ilori in collaboration with fifteen children from Giffard Park Primary, Great Linford Primary and St Monica’s Catholic Primary schools, as the first stage of Common Ground; twelve months of collaborations between artists Yinka Ilori, Ibiye Camp, Tom Dale, Groundwork and our communities.

Inspired by the traditional Nigerian parables and African fabrics that surrounded him as child, Ilori specialises in the up-cycling of vintage furniture. Bringing verbal tradition into playful conversation with contemporary design, each piece of furniture he creates tells a story.

Working with Milton Keynes Arts Centre on our community-based project Common Ground has reminded Ilori of a philosophy instilled in him by his parents. Do Good Because of Tomorrow takes its title from a widely used Nigerian phrase that encourages people to participate in good deeds in their community, fostering positive change.

To introduce his latest collection Ilori invited his audience into an uplifting space that embodies feelings of happiness and joy. In this room chairs represent the catalyst releasing this energy, the people that have ‘paid it forward’.

Yinka Ilori is passionately against the unnecessary waste he has seen in European and West African consumer cultures, a stance which drives him to reuse discarded furniture and other found objects. This process restores new life and purpose to reclaimed materials allowing them to take on new meanings.

Supported using public funding by Arts Council Englan.

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