In With The Old

Kitty Finer

Book Club
with Cygnet author Season Butler
Milton Keynes Arts Centre
Wednesday 28 August 2019 

Suitable for ages 16+

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Kitty Finer with Cygnet author, Season Butler.

cygnet /ˈsɪɡnɪt/ n. a young swan.

Cygnet is Season Butler’s debut novel. As rising sea levels advance toward The Kid’s cliff-front home, her old-age-separatist neighbours grow less patient with her presence and her parents are nowhere to be found. Cygnet‘s teenage protagonist confronts the dilemmas of coming-of-age in a time of personal and global uncertainty; leaving her island home means risking losing her parents forever, but staying becomes less possible with each passing day. It’s a story about identity, loyalty and survival in a historical moment when our dependable structures are being undone, vanishing and evolving faster than we can reckon with the old world’s loss. And sometimes it’s funny…

Available in the UK from Dialogue Books, and in the US in June 2019 through Harper Collins.

It’s on Elle Magazine’s list of Ones to Watch in 2019, Cosmo’s “20 new writers to be excited about reading in 2019” and featured in Waterstones’ Spring 2019 Debut Fiction Showcase


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