with Milo Mcloughlin-Greening

Bodge Workshops 
with Milo Mcloughlin-Greening
10 workshops between July & August
Free, suitable for ages 16–20

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Bodge! – Making
Suitable for ages 16–20

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Bodging is a term used to describe a method of pre-industrial greenwood working.

The ethos of the method is to use what you have to make what you need.

Traditionally, ‘Bodger’s’, would work on site in forests to turn local woodland into objects that were useful for them and their community. This project is going to take the ideas behind these methods and work with a group of young people to realise a modern version of a traditional craft.

Over these ten days you will learn traditional woodworking skills, how to ‘Bodge’ and create something which impacts your local community.

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Making schedule:
All sessions take place at Milton Keynes Arts Centre. Not available for every workshop? That’s fine, attend one, several or all workshops.

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About Milo Mcloughin-Greening
“I am a designer and maker who is interested in developing vernacular design projects to create social bonds within communities. I believe that focusing on socially engaged grass roots projects is the key to unlocking the system change needed for a more sustainable way of living. Within this framework I am excited by experimenting with decentralised manufacturing processes, both traditional and digital. Most of all, I care about ensuring that design and making are fun and enjoyable parts of life.”

This project was made possible thanks to funding from the Rothschild Foundation.

Bodge is the 4th instalment of Mapping Heritage; a two-year programme inspired by heritage crafts that have played an instrumental part in the development of Milton Keynes’ history with artist facilitating workshops to help young people explore traditional crafts in engaging and contemporary ways.

Mapping Heritage is supported by The Rothschild Foundation


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