A Space of Possibilities
Stool Building

Studio Weave, with designer-makers Sebastian Cox and Andy Trotman worked with local families for a hands on woodworking with adzes, axes, shave-horses and turning tools to create three-legged stools in the Gallery garden. Collaborating, designing and making over two-dozen split, shaved and carved hazel and ash stools.

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“These workshops have been an opportunity for my son to work collaboratively, to share ideas and make new friends. Many of the skills learnt in these workshops are no longer taught in schools.” Parent, Milton Keynes

Learning traditional jointing techniques and design principles such as ergonomics, followed by decorating and personalisation of each individuals hand crafted three-legged stool with chisels and points.

The purpose of this workshop was to familiarise young people with the tools and heritage craft skills used to create wooden objects, informing the process used in the final phase and structure building of A Space of Possibilities Pavilion.

The tools required for making included:
  • Axes (side, carving)
  • Adzes (small, flat, curved)
  • Drawknife
  • Spokeshave
  • Whittling knife
  • Froe
  • Mallet
  • Shave horse
  • Tenon cutters on cordless drill
  • Forstner/auger drill bits
  • Measuring & Marking tools


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